Elon Musk's Utopia

Uri Aviv, Geraldine de Bastion, Yanai Sened, Katharina Dermühl, Fernanda Parente, Paris Marx

A Utopian conversation joined with a re-enactment of an absurdist piece of theater that actually happened.
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Neuralink is one of the least known companies founded and headed by Elon Musk, this is his BCI initiative, a brain-chip that will make us one with the machine, one with one another, allow the blind to have superhuman vision, negate the need for language and make us all transhuman, just in time to contend with the AI ​​gods we are creating simultaneously. If that sounds like (bad) science fiction, as well it should, but it's also the vision of Neuralink's founders.

Musk and Neuralink informed the public of their activities, early results and utopian aspirations in August 2020 on a live stream press event. Musk invited on stage the co-founders and leading team, scientists, engineers and venture capitalists, all answered questions about various technical aspects, and then they took one final question: one by one they all envisioned a “Neuralink future” and gave their personal aspiration, what is the use case they most highly expect and anticipate. The answers went from bewildering and bizarre to outright frightening.

The panel (with some audience participation) will read the different answers given at the Neuralink press event and discuss the future represented by these dreams/nightmares. A conversation about man/machine interfaces, artificial intelligence and religion, creativity, psychedelics, video games, telepathic consent, hope and death. 

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