The Luddite's Guide to Defending Cash

Brett Scott

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Why cash is a cutting-edge technology for maintaining a balance of monetary power.
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Are you someone who is concerned about cashless society, but who finds yourself treated like a Neanderthal when you tell this to your friends? Are you worried that you’ll be labelled as a conspiracy theorist if you raise the alarm about all the data and power being transferred to the ‘cashless’ digital payments industry? Do you shy away from expressing your misgivings about the full digitization of money, out of fear of appearing like an anti-progress ‘luddite’?

If you answer Yes to any of these questions, this session is for you. I've spent years building progressive arguments for defending and promoting physical cash in a world immersed in corporate digital ideology. I’d like more people to feel confident when doing this, so in this session I’m going to lay out my basic approach for you to adapt and build upon.

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Journalist, Monetary Anthropologist, Campaigner