Uri Aviv

General Director
Uri Aviv, image by Marlyn Vinig
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Marlyn Vinig

Uri Aviv is a cultural entrepreneur, artistic consultant, project manager and futures & science fiction thinker, essayist and speaker.

Aviv is the founder and general director of the Utopia Association and its namesake magazine and festival - the Utopia Tel Aviv International Festival for Science Fiction, Future Stories and Fantastic Film, and its Science & Visions program of year-long events.

Outside of Utopia, Aviv Heads Promethean Consulting, providing futures scenario consultancy & innovation & creativity training for the tech industry, and artistic consultancy and production for cultural projects intertwining science, technology, philosophy and the humanities, futures thought and geek culture in general.


The Gospel according to Elon Musk

Uri Aviv

Elon Musk is now a global cultural phenomenon to be analyzed and explored. We will go through defining moments in his public persona and his various moonshot projects intended to preserve and expand human consciousness towards an immortal galactic existence. Is he a genius or a charlatan? engineer or clergyman? false prophet or science fiction fan?