alayna hughes

Director, Curiosibot Lab
alayna in studio
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alayna hughes

Alayna is a musician and music technologist. She has 20 years of experience working in recording, post, and live music. In 2015, she formed the creative tech group Curiosibot with her partner. They create interactive projects and installations which have been shown at Sonar, Tech Open Air, and Maker Faires. In 2021, they opened Curiosibot Lab in Valencia, which caters to creatives in music and digital arts. In 2022, she was a selected Innovator for Spain as part of the Keychange program. 


Next-Gen Concerts: Using the metaverse, XR, and streaming to engage audiences

alayna hughes

Technology is developing at a rapid pace, and with it opening new opportunities for musicians to perform and engage with audiences. But with so much development, where to begin? This talk will present how and what musicians can use to gain new audiences with live and recorded performances.
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