Sebastian Daus

Mitbegründer und CEO
Foto von Sebastian Daus
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Sebastian is an entrepreneur with the mission to accelerate circularity by creating a world where fixing products comes first. He studied industrial engineering and technology entrepreneurship at ESCP among others and became a guest lecturer and speaker in the field of circular economy with a focus on repair and artificial intelligence as part of his journey.

Having worked in the startup and tech world at various stations from Uber to Rocket Internet and consulting - he realized that he wanted to focus on creating impact by tackling the climate crisis and believes that solutions of scale are needed - with circularity being a very practical one. It turns out that helping out with electronics repairs in school at his father's craft business secretly laid the foundation for FixFirst.

Today his team helps repairers, manufacturers, retailers, insurances and even cities make repair and circularity easy by building the Operating System for Circular Services & Products: An Al-powered software solution that increases repair efficiency by up to 70%, provides a 10x better customer experience and gives each product at least one additional life. Plus, they're working on new industry standards that can help reshape their industry.

If not working or spreading the word around circularity, Sebastian enjoys regular runs and the occasional set of drums or chess. He’s always curious to learn - especially about your repair stories and ideas to end the throw-away world!