Ksenia Nekrasova

Senior Data Analytics and Machine Learning Specialist
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Ksenia Nekrasova is a Senior Data Analytics and Machine Learning Specialist at Google Cloud with close to two decades of experience supporting large European customers on data strategy and digitalization projects. She has a Master of Computer Science degree and has held several technical roles in data, machine learning, application development and integration services.

Ksenia's current focus is on travel, logistics, transport, retail and CPG industries, where she, amongst other projects, helps organizations implement circular economy principles to achieve sustainable growth. For example, she has worked with retailers to develop data-driven strategies for reducing waste and implementing sustainable sourcing strategies. She has also worked with logistics companies to optimize their transportation networks and reduce energy and other resources consumption.

In addition to her work with large enterprises, Ksenia is also a mentor to startups within Google Accelerator Program. She helps them to develop their data and machine learning capabilities to support innovative business models with the latest technology breakthroughs, as for example Generative AI. Ksenia is also a resident expert on geospatial data products such as Maps and Google Earth Engine. She uses the expertise to help customers visualize, understand and activate their data in a geographic context, which is essential for developing effective and sustainable solutions.