Katharina Dermühl

Head of Marketing

Katharina Dermühl is cofounder of Migration Hub Network and Kiron Ventures fostering synergies between, co-creation with and entrepreneurship for refugees and refugee initiatives and Head of Marketing at Kiron. Before moving to the field of social entrepreneurship she worked for Berlin based company-builder Found Fair Ventures as a Innovation and New Business Manager primarily in the field of MedTech. She gained experiences in the field of medical engineering while working for the MedTech Company Biotronik, researching on the future of human nature and the social implications of human enhancement technologies, also getting engineers and natural scientist familiar with the concept of user centred design. She holds a masters degree in futures research from Freie Universität Berlin and focussed on the interplay of Society and Technology while researching modi of change of status symbols for the Society and Technology Research Group of Daimler. Katharina is a passionate believer in cocreating solutions for social challenges involving those affected and meeting them truly on eye level, bridging gaps and providing the tools for actual self-empowerment.