Eine Gruppe Teilnehmer*innen sitzt zusammen und diskutiert fröhlich.

This year we are reviving our Get a Job format at re:publica 23. You will find our booth in the Expo Area (C4).

Come by and let Flipped Job Market inspire and advise you on contemporary job search, recruiting, new work, good collaboration, salary negotiation and networking. They will have their own innovative method with which they will turn classics such as job interviews and CVs completely upside down and get you talking to each other.

Inform. Participate. Meet. Network.

Get a Job! is aimed at all those who want to reorient themselves professionally and are interested in getting to know innovative employers. This year’s partners will be presenting themselves in various formats and are advertising exciting vacancies. The Bundesdruckerei Group, the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Deutsche Bundesbank and the Technologiestiftung Berlin are among them. Take part in a Lightning Talk, get into conversation with the companies at a Meetup and attend our networking event on 5 June at 6:45 pm at Escobar. You can find more information about the Get a Job programme here.

Our Track “Working World”

Opt out of the call, bypass the meeting, and participate in our program titled "Working World." Explore remote work, digital nomadism, coworking spaces, the concept of a 4-day week, enhancing soft skills, the gig economy, workation experiences, quiet quitting and the impact of digitalization, demographic shifts, migration, and automation. To truly grasp the effects of societal changes and technological progress on ourselves and our careers, we step away from the whirlpool of buzzwords and peer beyond its boundaries. Further details about the program's offerings can be found here.

Cooperation Partner

Cooperation partner