#rp23-speaker Mareice Kaiser: About money, social advancement and rap.

20.01.2023 - An interview with the journalist and author of "How much. What we do with money and what money does to us."
rp23 Sprecherin Mareice Kaiser
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Oğuz Yılmaz

"Cash" is her topic right now. In October 2022, Mareice Kaiser published the book "HOW MUCH." Here, the journalist, author and moderator tells her own story about money and meets people with whom she talks it. She also writes for various media publications on the topics of inclusion, compatibility and justice. Her first non-fiction book, "Everything Inclusive", was published in 2016, and she went straight into the Spiegel bestseller list in 2021 with "The malaise of the modern mother."

We are very much looking forward to exciting discussions about #CASH with Mareice at this year's re:publica!

Let's talk about #CASH. An interview with Mareice Kaiser.

Dear Mareice, what is the price of the world?

I love the question. For a long time, my book "HOW MUCH" had the working title "What is the price of the world?" But then my editor rightly pointed out that it would sound too much like a travel guide. Nevertheless, the question makes sense to me, because money shapes our world. With little money, we are limited in mobility - both literally and figuratively. With little money, thoughts often revolve around existential concerns; there are usually no resources for much else. In contrast, with a lot of money, the world becomes accessible, all doors are open. And there are even people who, with money, get the feeling that the world is just waiting for them.

To what extent are you addressing the topic of "cash" at rp23?

My talk is about money as a symbol of social advancement. Nowhere is this celebrated as much as in rap. At the same time, it creates a weird narrative. Namely, that everyone can make it, that is, climb the ladder. But social advancement is becoming increasingly difficult. Meritocracy is a myth. 

What is missing in the conversation about money?

When we talk about money, we talk about it on a superficial level. About status symbols, for example, or how expensive the new handbag was, if at all. But very few people really talk openly and honestly about money. And above all, too few rich people talk about money (but about all other topics). In political talk shows, people experiencing poverty or working in the low-wage sector are asked about their income - but never the politicians and scientists who sit there. 

Which issue that is close to your heart is particularly affected by having - and not having - financial resources? 

Ultimately, all the issues that concern me as a journalist and author also have to do with money. Because money affects your ability to participate in society, in all areas. Who has it and who doesn't? Why doesn't everyone have the same opportunities and how can we change that? When it comes to justice, it is also always about money.

In the spirit of our motto CASH - what are your current reading/podcast or video recommendations?

The bibliography of my book. (laughs) I like to read about class and all intersecting topics by Francis Seeck, Şeyda Kurt, Sharon Dodua Otoo, Daniela Brodesser, and most recently "Two Women of Her Class" by Dagmara Budak and Katharina Walser. Also, tweets and posts under the #IamPovertyAffected. I really liked the podcast "What Poverty Does to Us" in the "Riddles of the Unconscious" series, which explains what poverty does to our psyche. Well, and then of course music: Haiyti, Ebow, Disarstar and, of course, Haftbefehl. But more about that in my talk.