#rp23 x TINCON keynote speaker Maurice Höfgen: Where does all the money actually come from?

26.05.2023 - The economic analyst and YouTuber gives a crash course on the topic of "Cash".
Maurice Höfgen

Whether we like it or not, quite a lot in our lives and in the economy revolves around how much (or how little) money we have – and how we get more of it. That makes it all the more important to understand what exactly money is and where it comes from. Who better to explain this than economist and YouTuber Maurice Höfgen

In his talk, Maurice explains what economists mean when they talk about money, what the exact difference is to currency, but also how and to whom states can incur debt. Maurice Höfgen is a graduated economist and representative of Modern Monetary Theory. That's why he sees the topic of debt a little differently than many economists. In the talk, he explains why he thinks that many theories about the scarcity of money and debt are baseless and welcomes (critical) questions.

Maurice Höfgen studied economics and business administration. In addition to his work as a research assistant for financial policy in the Bundestag (the national parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany), he is a columnist and author. He regularly writes a column on current political issues for the weekend edition of the Berliner Zeitung. In addition, he runs the YouTube channel "Geld für die Welt" (Money for the World) and moderates the economic briefing on the channel "Jung und Naiv" (Young and Naive). In his current book "Teuer!" he provides a sharp analysis that shows how to interpret the current news situation correctly – and clears up misconceptions about inflation.

For all those who want to score points with special knowledge at the next discussion on CASH, this talk is definitely priceless. We look forward to Maurice Höfgen at #rp23 x TINCON!


Woher kommt eigentlich das ganze Geld?

Maurice Höfgen

Ob wir es gut finden oder nicht - ziemlich viel in unserem Leben und der Wirtschaft dreht sich darum, wie viel (oder wie wenig) Geld wir haben und wie wir mehr davon bekommen. Umso wichtiger zu verstehen, was genau Geld eigentlich ist und wo es überhaupt herkommt.