The Startup Area 1 at #rp23 – Berlin female founders present their companies

16.05.2023 - Presented by "Projekt Zukunft" of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises
Female Entrepreneurship

The re:publica Berlin has long been a pioneer and trailblazer in the debate around gender balance and diversity. Over 50 percent of re:publica speakers and participants are female. At re:publica 23, we are giving ten female founders a platform to present their ideas and inspire with their success stories.

In the Arena Halle - the heart of the event location - they will present their companies. Here you can immerse yourself in the world of female entrepreneurship on all three festival days and network with the teams on site.

In Startup Area 1, you will get to know ten startups and their inspiring female founders from Berlin.

Meet these startups:

  • Civey: Founded by Janina Mütze, Germany's largest open access panel combines data from market and opinion research to create a "Bigger Picture".
  • finmarie: The financial platform by and for women aims to provide more financial education and independence. It was founded by Karolina Decker.
  • fyta: Claudia Nassif and Sylvie Basler were looking for product solutions for their unhappy plants - this resulted in a tracker for smart plant care.
  • inne: Eirini Rapti has developed a mini lab for cycle tracking with real data that can be used to measure hormone levels at home.
  • Mindsurance: In the midst of the Corona pandemic, Viktoria Lindner and Leonie Ellerbrock founded the B2B mediation platform for mental health programmes, which facilitates access to help for employees.
  • Qunomedical: Sophie Chung wants to provide digital solutions for better healthcare - her health platform connects doctors and patients around the world.
  • Peers Solutions: The AI-driven learning platform founded by Elisa Hertzler matches the best training opportunities for companies and employees.
  • Rebound Stuff: Doris Schoger fights against the waste of resources with her online platform Rebound Stuff.
  • topi: Charlotte Pallua and Estelle Merle turn the concept of the circular economy into reality with their hardware rental platform.
  • yoona: Founder Anna Franziska Michel is revolutionising the fashion industry with artificial intelligence.


At the booths in the Startup Area, there will be keynote speeches, panels, workshops, tutorials and much more to discover on all three days of the festival.

We will be discussing about "Neue Impulsgeber*innen: Wie Startups die digitale Transformation vorantreiben" (New drivers: How Startups Drive Digital Transformation) on 5 June at 12:30 pm on Stage 2 with Sophie Chung & Janina Mütze. "Vielfalt als Kapital? Zur Stärkung von Gründerinnen im Startup-Ökosystem" (Diversity as capital? Strengthening female founders in the startup ecosystem) will be the topic of the panel discussion with Jessica Holzbach & Elisa Hertzler on 7 June at 4:15 pm in Glashaus.

The Startup Areas at #rp23 are presented by "Projekt Zukunft" of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises (SenWEB) to promote cross-sector innovation and initiate new networks. Also discover Startup Area 2 and get to know ten exciting FinTechs from Berlin.



Neue Impulsgeber*innen: Wie Startups die digitale Transformation vorantreiben

Janina Mütze, Sophie Chung, Insa Schniedermeier

Warum braucht es junge Gründer*innen und Startups, um den digitalen Wandel in Deutschland voranzutreiben? Insa Schniedermeier (t3n) lädt Sophie Chung (Qunomedical) und Janina Mütze (Civey) dazu ein, die Potenziale von IT-Startups in einer zukunftsgerichteten Digitalwirtschaft zu ergründen.

Vielfalt als Kapital? Zur Stärkung von Gründerinnen im Startup-Ökosystem

Elisa Hertzler, Jessica Holzbach, Nicole Plich

Warum erhalten Frauen geringere Investments als ihre männlichen Kollegen? Welche Lösungsansätze gibt es, um Chancengleichheit im Startup-Ökosystem zu verbessern? Elisa Hertzler und Jessica Holzbach gehen der ungleichen Verteilung von Investitionen auf den Grund und geben einen Einblick in ihre persönlichen Erfahrungen in der Gründer*innen-Szene.