Empowering Communities with the mobile lab Kiezlabor

Anne Kruse

In times of multiple crises, a lot of citizens feel disconnected and increasingly mistrust institutions. With our mobile lab, Kiezlabor, we explore how inhabitants, administration and civil society actors can engage in shaping the neighbourhoods and communities they desire.
Lightning Talk

Kiezlabor, a project by CityLAB Berlin, serves as an open space where residents can explore and actively participate in shaping the potential of (digital) transformation
within their communities. Local actors such as administration and neighborhood initiatives are invited to use Kiezlabor for co-creating with residents, presenting on a small stage or as a public living room for small-scale dialogues.

By accelerating collaboration between local government and civil society actors, Kiezlabor aims to support neighbourhoods in finding sustainable solutions for challenges such as heat resilience, urban green spaces and circular economy. The presentation illustrates how this analogue solution contributes to a sustainable digital transformation, inclusive of all community members.

Kiezlabor is funded by Berlin’s Senate Chancellery and forms part of Berlin's digital and smart city strategy, Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin, aimed at advancing digital transformation in collaboration with citizens and local administration.

The speaker is dressed in a red jumper and has long, curly hair.
Projektleitung Kiezlabor