Permaculture Living Lab

Elektra Wagenrad, Mike Jensen, Eric Nitschke, Pamela Cuadros, Kersti Ruth Wissenbach, Nils Brock

What role can technology play in an ecosystem of care for people and life on Planet? A sincere approach is to look at technology in a permaculture context. Permaculture offers a universal set of ethics and design principles applied to seven intertwined action domains.
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Day 1 | Permaculture Ethics and frugal technologies

Permaculture is a holistic systems design approach based on 3 premisses: Earth Care, Planet Care and Fair Share. It does not only provide an approach to reframe food production but can be applied to all aspects of human habitation, from agriculture to architecture, from appropriate technology to education and governance. But how to put those goals into a daily practice? What are guiding principles and which roles do tools and technologies play? Join our talk to find out…