Anne Kruse

Projektleitung Kiezlabor
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Anne Kruse works on smart cities and participatory processes for the CityLAB of Technologiestiftung Berlin. She is currently responsible for the concept, program and implementation of the Kiezlabor (“neighbourhood-lab”). Kiezlabor is Berlin’s “tiny house” for digital transformation. It is a test bed, workshop, stage, interactive exhibition, networking hub and neighborhood meeting place – all packed into a single shipping container.

She holds an MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies from London School of Economics and Political Science and a BA in Communication and Cultural Management from Zeppelin University. Before, she worked as a public sector consultant, advising municipalities on digitalization, Smart Cities and New Work. Additionally, she engages in initiatives promoting climate justice and the right to asylum.


Empowering Communities with the mobile lab Kiezlabor

Anne Kruse

In times of multiple crises, a lot of citizens feel disconnected and increasingly mistrust institutions. With our mobile lab, Kiezlabor, we explore how inhabitants, administration and civil society actors can engage in shaping the neighbourhoods and communities they desire.
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