Franz Sitzmann

Forscher:in, Wissenschaftkommunikation, Innovations- und Technologieberater:in für Zukunftstechnologien
Foto von Franz Sitzmann
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Andi Weiland, CC-BY

Franz is a natural-born technology enthusiast. As a teenager, he was already accidentally locked up at school for tinkering with his robots for too long. He loves learning and wants to understand how technology works. As a mentor in digital education for young people and adults, he thinks up crazy gadgets and shows others how they can develop some themselves. He loves explorative and playful learning methods. In his opinion, a basic knowledge of new technologies is crucial for society to practice democracy and shape our future. Franz teaches teenagers and adults about modern technologies like artificial intelligence and quantum technology.


For him, it is important to make science topics accessible for everyone so that every person can develop an understanding and an opinion about risks and opportunities.


Von Schrödingers Katze zu Quantencomputern

Franz Sitzmann, Elisabeth Sassi

Tauche ein in die Welt der Quanten und entdecke, wie sie unsere Zukunft verändern könnten. Quantensensoren, Quantenkommunikation und Quantencomputer - Dieser Vortrag enthüllt, warum Quantentechnologien vielleicht wichtiger als die Erfindung des Internets sind.
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Stage 9
Lightning Talk