Victoria Guijarro Santos

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Victoria Guijarro Santos is a doctoral student at the law faculty of the University of Goettingen and the University of Muenster, Germany. She is interested in how EU data laws co-organize social (power) relations. Her research lies at the intersection of EU data laws, antidiscrimination law, relational legal theories and critical data studies. She has organized conferences on, among other, post-colonialism and racism in and through laws, on feminist approaches towards data laws and LPE  frameworks on the data economy. She cofounded the network Young Digital Law (Junges Digitales Recht, JDR) and Law & Political Economy Germany (LPEG).

Caring for Workers: Rechte für Plattformarbeiter:innen?

Felix Bieker, Eva Kocher, Janne Martha Lentz, Victoria Guijarro Santos

Klickarbeiter:innen, Lieferdienstfahrer:innen – Plattformarbeit hat es auf die Agenda der EU geschafft. Wird mit der Platform-Workers-Directive alles besser? Ein Gespräch dazu, wem diese Rechte nützen, wer erfasst und wer ausgeschlossen wird.
Stage 11
Forum Digitalpolitik