Markus Mörchen

Stellvertretender Redaktionsleiter "hallo digital"
Markus Mörchen
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Jacobia Dahm

Markus Mörchen is deputy editor-in-chief of “hallo digital” within the news department of German public broadcaster ZDF. He is responsible for the development of several new formats for streaming media, YouTube and social media. He has won several awards, eg. the most important German television award “Deutscher Fernsehpreis” for the best information program in Germany.  Markus Mörchen studied in Siegen and Houston/Texas, made an editorial training at Deutsche Welle and worked as producer, presenter and reporter for various TV and radio stations in Germany, England and Namibia. For many years he was senior editor of “logo!”, the only daily children´s news program in Germany. Markus Mörchen is contributor to a workbook on media studies and is also working as a lecturer at seminars for journalists and teachers.