Eloïse Soulier

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Eloïse Soulier
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I'm a research associate in the Ethics in Information Technology research group at the Department of Informatics of the University of Hamburg. My background is in Computer Science and in Philosophy. My research investigates normative questions about digital technologies and their regulation: I want to understand what digital technologies do to democracies and reflect on what we want them to do. I am particularly interested in questions of autonomy and manipulation, and in the interaction of digital technologies and knowledge.  Before joining my research group, I have worked in the science and technology department of the French embassy in Berlin and as a teacher.


Is enhancing language models with human knowledge a good idea?

Angelie Kraft, Eloïse Soulier

AI researchers are trying to make large language models (LLMs) more factually accurate by adding knowledge (e.g., to avoid "hallucinations"). But can we assume that this knowledge is objective and value-neutral? We will discuss the social nature of knowledge and knowledge production and reflect on what it means for LLMs.
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