Moritz Göldner

Assistant Professor for Data-Driven Innovation
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Daniela Möllenhoff

Moritz Göldner is an assistant professor for data-driven innovation at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). In his research Moritz aims to explore the intersection of innovation management, healthcare and engineering with a focus on data-driven innovation. One of his focus topics are digital health applications (DiGA) as well as the emergence of artificial intelligence and the impact of both on the digital health care system in the future. Furthermore, he is studying the interactions of sustainability and healthcare and the data streams that connect the two. Lastly, he aims at further exploring how big dataset and novel data-driven methods will help to design user-centric innovation in the future.

Prior to his position at TUHH, Moritz was an innovation consultant for user-centric innovation in healthcare and a co-founder of . He is a biomedical engineer and innovation scholar with significant experience in developing digital and non-digital projects in the healthcare sector. His passion on this topic is rooted in his PhD-related research on patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals as user innovators with respect to their own unmet medical needs.


Gesund durch KI? — Realitäten und Mythen von Künstlicher Intelligenz im Gesundheitssektor

Christian Herzog, Moritz Göldner, Chiara Loeffler, Shari Langemak

Können Zukunftstechnologien zur Förderung unserer Gesundheit eingesetzt werden? Ob und wie das geht, diskutieren Chiara Loeffler (klinische Wissenschaftlerin im Bereich medizinischer KI), Christian Herzog (Ethik der Künstlichen Intelligenz) und Moritz Göldner (Datengetriebene Innovation). Shari Langemak (Digital Health Innovator) moderiert.
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