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Carolin Wagner is an art historian and cultural manager with a focus on online communication and digital strategies. In her journalistic articles, she explores how artificial intelligence will impact cultural institutions and museums. Currently, Carolin is the Managing Director of the friends circle of the Berlinische Galerie – Berlin‘s Museum for Modern Art, Photography, and Architecture. In addition to event management, she is responsible for collaborations with the Kultursommerfestival Berlin and has contributed to digital projects such as the podcast "Sibylle Bergemann – Die Frau hinter den Bildern".

Carolin worked for Galerie Bastian, organizing exhibitions for artists like Wim Wenders and Thomas Zipp. For the collaborative project "STADT/BILD" involving the Berlinische Galerie, Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, and the Nationalgalerie, she worked as a communication assistant. Previously, she completed a traineeship focusing on online communication at the Berlinische Galerie and assisted at the Casa di Goethe in Rome.

Carolin studied art history and image sciences at Philipps-Universität Marburg and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Currently, her interests lie in exploring the potentials of artificial intelligence within the cultural sector.


The Future is now – Wie wird Künstliche Intelligenz das Museum der Zukunft prägen?

Carolin Wagner, Sonja Thiel, Katherine Heid, Roland Fischer

Zukunftsvisionen von Museen, in denen Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) allgegenwärtig ist, erscheinen als Utopie trotz vorhandener Technologien. Wie lässt sich das Potenzial von KI in der Kulturpraxis nutzen? Diskussion über KI-Strategien für Museen mit Hinblick auf Möglichkeiten, Hürden und Ideen.
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Future & Utopia
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