Maja-Lee Voigt

Stadtforscherin und wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
weiblich gelesene Person in einem korallenroten Mantel mit weißer Hautfarbe, braunem Haar und Brille, lächelnd, vor einer Glasfassade in grau
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Hanna Hartmann

Maja-Lee Voigt (she/her) is an urban researcher, Ph.D. student at the Leuphana University Lüneburg, and co-founder of the interdisciplinary city research collective Akteurinnen für urbanen Ungehorsam in Hamburg, Germany. Assisted by a methodological toolbox of ethnographic and critical feminist thinking, she is currently researching Amazon’s monopoly on bits, bytes, and boxes. Overall, Maja-Lee’s work focuses on the automation of logistical cities, tackling questions about (resisting) algorithmic architectures of oppression, and hacking patriarchy towards more just urban futures.


Unboxing Amazon – How Amazon is taking over (public) infrastructures and why we should care

Maja-Lee Voigt

Tech companies like Amazon have quietly become our neighbors in cities. They are gaining governmental power and are often perceived as a standard. But there is hope. Glitches allow us to hack privatized public infrastructures, helping us care for and change the code our society is built on.
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