Catherine Tait

Chief Executive Officer
Catherine Tait
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Catherine Tait is the President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada, Canada's national public broadcaster. She is also the Chair of the Global Task Force for Public Media.

As President and CEO, Catherine oversees the management of CBC/Radio-Canada to ensure it can deliver on its mandate and continue to offer Canadians a broad spectrum of high-quality programming that informs, enlightens and entertains, and that is created by, for and about Canadians.

Prior to her appointment, Catherine co-founded New York-based Duopoly Inc, an independent film, television and digital content company, which she led as President from 2002 to 2018. She also co-founded iThentic, a digital content company, in 2006 and Hollywood Suite, a broadcasting company, in 2010. Catherine was also previously the President and Chief Operating Officer of Salter Street Films from 1997 to 2001. 

She has been a member of a number of industry-specific boards including Comweb Group, DHX Media LTD, Hollywood Suite, iThentic Inc, eOne Entertainment, CHUM Ltd, Aliant Inc, Rogers Mobile Film Fund and the Canadian Film and Television Production Association.


Strengthening European Media and the Public Sphere

Norbert Himmler, Eli Pariser, Jean-Paul Philippot, Catherine Tait, Jana Pareigis

Our conversations online are dominated by US tech companies whose rules and algorithms are intransparent. The panel discusses how cooperation within the Public Spaces Incubator may help to face the US platforms' competition in civic discourse respecting of Public Service Media's rules and values.
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Civil Society
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