Tuçe Erel

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Tuçe Erel (1981, Ankara) is a Berlin-based curator, art writer, and cultural worker.  Her curatorial interests are archiving practices, ecology, Anthropocene, posthumanism, and post-digital theories. Erel uses her sociology education in her curatorial research, and she prefers to twist and challenge conventional social science methodologies. In recent years, she has explored the concept of hacking as a way to unbox the concepts of bio-politics, Anthropocene, ecological crisis, naturecultures, artistic speculation, and imagination.  Since January 2020, she has been an Art Laboratory Berlin team member. She curated “Now You are Here” (w/ Seval Şener, 2017, Arte Sanat, Ankara), “Hactivate Yourself” (2019, 1a Space, Hong Kong), “Leviathan: A Capitalocene Beastiarium” (w/ Käthe Wenzel and Lisa Glauer, 2021, TOP e.V., Berlin), “Sentient Matter (w/ Tina Ribarits, 2021, D21, Leipzig). Some of the exhibitions she co-curated at Art Laboratory Berlin are “Hackers, Makers Thinkers: Collective Experiments in Social Fermenting” (w/ Regine Rapp, Christian de Lutz, Tengal Drilon, 2022), “Vicious Cycle”(2023), HyungJun Park’s “Artificial Consciousness”(2023).

Kitchen Politics: How to Not Exclude Artists and Cultural Workers with Caring Responsibilities

Sascia Bailer, Tuçe Erel

The art sector reflects a 30% gender pay gap and dominance of white male artists. Sascia Bailer advocates for a curatorial activism that promotes "Caring Infrastructures" – thereby transforming the cultural sector with feminist care ethics, fostering inclusion for those with caring responsibilities.