Dera Luce

Dera is sitting at a rooftop table. He's wearing a loose purple-and-white button up and a big smile. His locs are tied up in a half do, and the blue sky and sun shine behind him
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Dera Luce

Dera Luce is a Nigerian-American essayist, speculative fiction writer, and multi-disciplinary artist who calls Berlin home. His stories explore queerness, linguistics, shifting realities, and other extraordinary experiences that he is still finding the words for.

Dera has written for Autostraddle, The Atlantic's CityLab, and Riverfront Times, among others. He is a Summer ‘22 Fellow of Voodoonauts, a grassroots Afrofuturist collective promoting connectivity and craft within the global Black SFF community, and a '23 resident of the Dreaming Beyond AI collective. 


Heal-GPT (slowed + reverb)

Dera Luce

Dera Luce’s "Heal-GPT (slowed + reverb)" draws parallels between algorithmic recursive loops and echoes of trauma; creating pathways of healing unconstrained by Western conception of singular axis time.
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