Hiba Ali

A brown skinned person witu a grey, black and white faux fur hat with glasses and kohl-adorned eyes.
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Hiba Ali

Hiba Ali is an Afrasian worldbuilder and digital somatics practitioner and shares their digital art in the form of immersive digital environments, sculpture-based installations, moving images, garments, and sound. They developed the term, digital somatics, to embody the body-mind-spirit connection to the principles of game design and narrative storytelling. They use virtual reality, 3D animation and augmented reality to slow down time and create portals of solace and care and consider the digital portal as a liminal space where they call forth more loving and healing into our world. hibaali.info instagram: @h3ba.hyba.xba


Watering the Somatic Oasis

Hiba Ali

"Watering the Somatic Oasis" is a Web VR project that uses the immediacy of technologies and somatic techniques to “slow” down time.
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