Guilherme Bretas

Dreaming Beyond AI resident artist
Bretas, 25, is a Black Visual Artist & Curator, born and based in São Paulo, Brazil.
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Photo: Italo Cristovao @italocristovao

Bretas, 25, is a Black Visual Artist & Curator, born and based in São Paulo, Brazil. Academically, grad student in Architecture on FAU at University of São Paulo and researcher in Demonumenta-FAUUSP group. The artist uses deepfakes to revive archives of 1800's racialized portrait-photography from distinct regions of his country. A inspiring exercise on ancestrality, temporalities and race, using AI create Memory - without engaging in a neocolonialist approach on Machine Learning and Data-driven escalation of real world inequalides. Bretas' most common art output is VideoMapping in places of Memory. In 2023 Bretas was the youngest nominated artist for PIPA Prize, one of the leading awards of contemporary art in Brazil. The artist also is one of the resident artist of the artistic residency IN THE LOOP: Dreaming Beyond AI, hosted by DBAI collective, Deichtorhallen, Kampnagel and iFa-Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, in Hamburg. Currenly, Guilherme Bretas also exibited in São Paulo Bienal of Arts and San José, in California. @bretasvj also work as VJ collaborating with groups as Lollapalooza, Nike, HBO, Valorant and others.


The Portray’s Eye | Self-Archive |

Guilherme Bretas

Bretas’ “The Eye That Portrays” and “Self Archive” revisit colonial archives with AI to create a counter-gaze - a rekindling of memory that revitalizes the stories long suppressed by dominant narratives.
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