Sunita Grote

Sunita Grote
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Sunita Grote

Sunita Grote leads the Ventures team within UNICEF’s Office of Innovation and co-founded its Venture Fund that provides seed funding in fiat and crypto - the first in the UN system. UNICEF Ventures explores how emerging frontier technology can accelerate results for the most marginalized children, including through investments in open source solutions from emerging markets. She steers UNICEF's co-leadership of the Digital Public Goods Alliance, a network of partners who collectively contribute to the discovery, development, and deployment of open source digital public goods. Sunita has a background in innovative financing and previously spent 10 years working in the global HIV and health response based mostly in the UK and in South Asia. She holds an MBA from INSEAD and lives with her partner and two children.


Digital (Re:) Public Goods: Putting the Next Generation in Charge

Sunita Grote, Antonella Paola Perrone, Katharina Mänz, Lea Gimpel

How can Digital Public Goods contribute to digital self-determination? A DPG trio: entrepreneur, policy-maker, and investor will unpack how international policy, ecosystem development and equitable capital flows can support the next generation’s ability to own their digital future.
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Generational Justice