Antonella Paola Perrone

Antonella Paola Perrone
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Antonella Paola Perrone

Antonella, with an MBA and civil engineering background, serves as the COO of Xcapit, a UNICEF-backed startup leveraging blockchain technology to enhance humanitarian projects. Throughout her civil engineering career, she has contributed to the design of urban infrastructure projects, aiming to improve community living standards. Her role in the M&As team at Deloitte honed her financial expertise. Educated in management in Milan and Global Manager in Asia in Singapore, Antonella blends her skills in engineering, technology, and international business to drive meaningful societal change.


Digital (Re:) Public Goods: Putting the Next Generation in Charge

Sunita Grote, Antonella Paola Perrone, Katharina Mänz, Lea Gimpel

How can Digital Public Goods contribute to digital self-determination? A DPG trio: entrepreneur, policy-maker, and investor will unpack how international policy, ecosystem development and equitable capital flows can support the next generation’s ability to own their digital future.
Common good
Generational Justice
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