Katharina Mänz

Stellvertretende Referatsleiterin Digitalisierung
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Katharina Mänz

Joined the BMZ in 2012 as a spokesperson and press officer for the ministry for seven years, followed by serving as deputy head of the BMZ’s parliamentary unit. She currently holds the position of deputy head of the ministry’s division for digital technologies. Prior to this, she worked for more than 10 years as a TV news journalist, editor and political correspondent in Berlin.


Digital (Re:) Public Goods: Putting the Next Generation in Charge

Sunita Grote, Antonella Paola Perrone, Katharina Mänz, Lea Gimpel

How can Digital Public Goods contribute to digital self-determination? A DPG trio: entrepreneur, policy-maker, and investor will unpack how international policy, ecosystem development and equitable capital flows can support the next generation’s ability to own their digital future.
Common good
Generational Justice