Nkosana Masuku

Nkosana Masuku
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Global Citizen

Nkosana Masuku, founder of Sciency, is a passionate STEM educator dedicated to empowering young learners in Sub-Saharan Africa. With over a several years of experience teaching in rural schools he witnessed the challenges students face in accessing quality STEM education.Nkosana established Sciency Makerlabs, providing state-of-the-art coding, robotics, engineering and I.o.T Kits to students across Southern Africa. His efforts to bridge the gender gap in STEM and Advanced Tech Education have led to specialized programs that support African students. Recognized for his contributions, Nkosana received the 2023 Global Citizen Cisco Youth Leadership Award. Nkosana's dedication and vision continue to drive the growth of STEM education, inspiring young learners, to excel in science and technology.