Katharina Haverich

This picture shows a serious, focussed and / or slightly aggressive looking woman (Katharina Haverich) in a tiled room.
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André Wunstorf

Katharina Haverich works at the intersection of media and theatre under the influence of dreams. 

As a conceptual performance artist and initiator, she stages dream-based sequences in digital and physical spheres. Katharina is a founding member of Virtual Club of Dangerous Women and unreal.theater as well as co-founder of Radikale Töchter. Among othes, she worked with Letzte Generation, Zentrum für Politische Schönheit, Emilio García Wehbi & Maricel Álvarez, Christopher Hotti Böhm, Martin Nachbar and internil. 

Her shows were presented at HEK Basel, Chicago Virtual Art Museum, Acker Stadt Palast Keller, fleetinsel Rundgang (Hamburg) and in Berlin at Keller Mareschstr 15, Flutgraben, Vollgutlager and Spreehalle (Berlin Art Week Connect). Further notable collaborations include presentations at Münchner Kammerspiele, fft, Teatro El Milagro (Mexico-City), Theaterdiscounter, HAU, Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas (Buenos Aires) and Akademie der Künste Berlin.

Katharina regularly gives talks and facilitates workshops in social virtual reality (VR) to explore the possibilities of avatarian co-presence. Together with diverse groups of participants she experiments with the use of social VR. In the winter semester of 2022/23, she was a part-time lecturer for "Artistic Practice in the Metaverse*" at Berlin University of the Arts.   

Katharina trained with The Wooster Group, Tania Bruguera and Nevin Aladağ. She holds a B.A. in Theatre and Professional Practice from Coventry University (England) and an M.A. in Theatre Studies from Freie Universität in Berlin. 

Katharina lives in Berlin, but her studio is in VR. 

*The term metaverse was coined by Neal Stephenson in his sci-fi novel "Snow Crash" (1992)



Berlin SCHOOL OF VR - Eine überraschend analoge Schule für das Erlernen und Erleben von Virtueller Realität

Katharina Haverich, Konstantin Bez, Eric Nikodym, Wiebke Wesselmann, Jakob Groß, Manuel Ruge

Who cares about virtuelle Medienkompetenz? Die Berlin SCHOOL OF VR fordert nicht weniger als die ALLGEMEINE VIRTUELLE SCHULPFLICHT, um Menschen auf die Herausforderungen und Potentiale existierender und zukünftiger Metaversen vorzubereiten.
Wer besteht den VR-Kompetenz-Test? Und wer muss nachsitzen?
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