no pronouns
digital media and performance artist
A portrait with shoulders, of a person with light skin and red hair in a tree green latex shirt with wavy orange and yellow stripes. On a grey studio background and with digitally edited wavede eyes.
Photo credit / Image credit
(c) Sarah Ama Duah

allapopp is a Berlin-based interdisciplinary digital media and performance artist, originally from Tatarstan, russia. allapopp's work blends post-Soviet, mixed Tatar, queer and migrant experiences with tech-inclusive envisioning, digital art, sound and performance, driven by a critical activist agenda. Working primarily in the domains of performance, visual art and sound, machine learning, interactive live phygital formats, and experiences in VR, AR, XR, and the web, allapopp aim to speculative on new worlds and visions, seeking sources of inspiration and hope. allapopp received training and practiced art in Germany, across the EU, China, Rwanda, Japan, and the USA, and is the co-founder of the TATAR KYZ:LAR and BBB_ music projects, as well as a member of the dgtlfmnsm collective and the Dreaming Beyond AI Platform.



allapopp, Lisa Kaschubat, Carolina Ovando, Valentin Oellers

ɧყ℘ɛཞƖơ۷ɛ - a spatial XR installation and performance, a speculative vision of co-dependency between humans and their emotional digital clones, born out of humanity's increasing reliance on AI's algorithmic interpretations of emotions. Experience is available for IOS devices as a dedicated app.
Between Stage 2 & 3
Mixed Reality
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