Moritz Simon Geist

Moritz Simon Geist
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Moritz Simon Geist

Moritz Simon Geist is a performer, musicologist, and robotics engineer. He started because he wants to invent the future of electronic music – with robots! Moritz projects range from robotic music performances to robotic sound installations.

“Geist’s robots aren’t meant to simulate humans or a band, but to fulfill specific, finely tuned tasks, like industrial machines. These are new machines, manufacturing a new kind of machine music.”
Fast Company

His robotic instruments and performances have been shown in numerous European festivals and exhibitions throughout the last years and was awarded numerours internation awards. From 2015-2020 Moritz taugth on the progression of technology and society at the NYU Berlin, Clives Davis Institute.

His background is both as a classical musician and a robotics engineer, with an expertise in prototyping technologies and 3D-Printing. Moritz lives and works in Dresden, Germany where is Workshop-Studio is located.

“Geist is treating some important questions of the future, like the perception of technology, the robotization of society or the artificial intelligence, but still comes in a very playful and entertaining way: through electronic music.” (ARTE)


Moritz Simon Geist

Moritz Simon Geist

Moritz Simon Geist is a music producer and artist based in Dresden, Germany. After studying mechanical engineering, he pursued a music career internationally. He works with robots to create electronic music.
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