Building Just and Sustainable Digital Infrastructures

Katrin Fritsch, Camila Nobrega, Frederike Kaltheuner

Digital infrastructures often reinforce monopolies, emit carbon and reproduce injustices. In this panel, we want to understand possibilities and constraints of the term 'digital infrastructures', and highlight pathways to build infrastructures that center justice, sustainability and care.
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The climate crisis increasingly threatens life on this planet. At the same time, digital infrastructures reinforce social and environmental issues such as high carbon-emissions, monopolies, and the need for hardware and computing power. In this panel, we want to ask: What does the term 'digital infrastructures' mean in our work? Which possibilities and constraints does it have? And, how can we change the pathway we are heading to by centering justice and care in digital infrastructures? We will highlight policy implications as well as projects that lead towards just and sustainable digital infrastructures for all.

Headshot of Frederike Kaltheuner
Independent Expert | Adviser | Emerging Technology, Policy, and Rights