'You've gotta fight for your rights!' But how?: How can citizens resist, negotiate and mobilize in the datafied society?

Elinor Carmi

Moving beyond seeing citizens as passive people who need protection, this talk is about a project that explores what can citizens do to resist, object, and mobilize in a datafied society with assymetric power structures.
Stage 10

This talk will discuss how citizens can resist, negotiate and mobilize against Big-Tech companies in a datafied society. In this project, we asked digital rights practitioners what was their experience in working with people to change the power asymmetries with Big-Tech companies. Asking digital rights practitioners what can people do to negotiate, object and oppose Big-Tech companies, four themes emerged: 1. contextual awareness; 2. real or imagined concerns; 3. who is responsible for creating and solving problems; and 4. resistance possibilities.

Following from these findings we identified five possible routs that can enhance citizens' data citizenship by outlining what each actor should provide: 1. Governments providing robust legislation and enforcement; 2. Big-tech providing transparent policies; 3. Media raising awareness; 4. NGOs raising awareness and developing society's negotiating power; 5. Society developing viable alternatives to Big-Tech.

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Senior Lecturer in Data Politics and Social Justice