#rp23 keynote speaker Tuğba Tekkal: Kicks, clicks and cash

23.05.2023 - At re:publica 23, human rights activist and former professional footballer Tuğba Tekkal talks about football, cash and the upcoming World Cup.
Tugba in einem Fußballstadion

The Men's World Cup in Qatar at the end of 2022 was not only the most expensive World Cup ever, but also the most controversial. Did it become a turning point where the billion-dollar business collapses because the fans no longer participate? Or is the sell-out of professional football just getting started? What about the upcoming Women's World Cup – same, same or different?

When it comes to the topic of "CASH", the subject of sport cannot be missing, of course! At re:publica 2023, we will continue the discussion about top-level football together with human rights activist and former professional footballer Tuğba Tekkal, and also take a look towards the European Championship 2024 and talk about activism in sport. 

Together with her sisters, Tuğba founded the association HÁWAR.help and campaigns for human rights, anti-discrimination and justice. Their work aims to make the voices heard that are often forgotten. Tuğba also launched the education and sports project SCORING GIRLS, which uses football to empower and accompany young girls. 

In 2022, she co-hosted the podcast „Ausverkauft – Katar, der Fußball und das große Geld“ (Sold Out – Qatar, Football and Big Money). Together with SPIEGEL sports editor Danial Montazeri, she followed the trail of money, traced Qatar's path to becoming a global football power and shed light on what investors and ever larger sums of money are doing to football. In 2023, her book "Tor zur Freiheit” (Goal to Freedom) was published, in which she tells her very personal story.

We look forward to exciting discussions with Tuğba at #rp23 about "Kicks, clicks and cash".