#rp24 speaker Maria Furtwängler, Magdalene Trapp & Mark Benecke: Crime scene biodiversity crisis

04.04.2024 - Main role climate crisis, supporting role biodiversity crisis? „Tatort“ investigator Maria Furtwängler, criminal biologist Mark Benecke and biodiversity expert Magdalene Trapp talk about the loss of biodiversity.
Auf dem Visual sind Maria Furtwängler, Magdalene Trapp & Mark Benecke zu erkennen. Maria stützt den Kopf auf die Hand, Mark trägt eine Brille und Magdalene offene Haare sowie eine Halskette.
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Magnus Winter, Gerald von Foris, Magdalene Trapp

First take, spotlight on: the climate crisis and the nature crisis appear, two inseparables in the evolution of our planet. While the climate crisis is in the spotlight as the leading role, the loss of biodiversity only plays a minor role. It occurs inconspicuously and is noticed as a decreasing number of dead mosquitoes on the windscreen. But behind this lies a global network of interdependencies. What do the inconspicuous dead tell us? Which clues bring us closer to solving the case? How can accessible data and digitalisation help? A panel discussion with criminal biologist Mark Benecke, “Tatort” investigator and insect ambassador Maria Furtwängler and NABU biodiversity expert Magdalene Trapp on the importance of nature for our lives, criminal cases and communication. The network of life is in danger. Why we collect new data every day and yet know and talk about too little. What voluntary work does. Why more knowledge, networking and dialogue are needed – and how the case can turn out well in the end.

Maria Furtwängler is an actress, producer and activist. Together with her daughter Elisabeth Furtwängler, she founded the MaLisa Foundation in 2016, which campaigns for gender and climate justice. 

Mark Benecke has been internationally active as a criminal biologist in the field of scientific forensics for over 20 years and has dedicated himself in particular to entomology. He has also published numerous scientific articles, various non-fiction books, children's books and experimental kits.

Magdalene Trapp works at NABU Bundesverband. She is currently co-project manager of the biodiversity campaign. She has long been concerned with the question of how we can live together peacefully as a society within planetary boundaries. 

At #rp24, we look forward to insightful discussions about the loss of natural diversity. The discussion will be moderated by Roland Panter, press spokesperson at NABU.

Tatort Naturkrise - das Netzwerk des Lebens

Mark Benecke, Paula Lambert, Magdalene Trapp, Roland Panter

Hauptrolle Klimakrise, Nebenrolle Naturkrise? Mit Kriminalbiologe Mark Benecke und Journalistin Paula Lambert diskutiert Biodiv.-Expertin Magdalene Trapp über den Verlust der natürlichen Vielfalt. Wieso mehr Wissen, Vernetzung und Dialog notwendig sind und warum es trotzdem Hoffnung gibt.
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