The Open Mill

Sara Diaz Rodriguez, Zara Odu

The Open Mill goal is to create an equipped yarn lab in Nigeria with open-source tools to prototype and design new aesthetics by reusing textile waste. The DIY session will present the future of independent textile production.
Hands On

Hilo Studios in Berlin & Designers Consociate in Nigeria join forces to allow Nigerian designers to explore new methods for yarn customisation. Our goal is to prototype new design aesthetics by reengineering textile waste through open-source tools. By this, we are bridging the gap between the local crafts and the textile industry. 

Finally, designers can develop yarns on their own, through direct access to the Hilo Spinning Machine and HILO Recycling Machine. This process will empower creativity and reinforce design from the yarn stage while fostering a keen desire to build circular brands from the onset. As we embrace textile innovation in digital yarn creation, the yarns are used for handwoven textiles that are more than just handcrafted textiles, but ensure the preservation of Nigeria's rich cultural tapestry.