Constructive Care Cafe

Regina Sipos, Saad Chinoy, Adriana Cabrera

Coffee is a hands-on, sensory, and social experience. Come swap recipes and experiences with us in a “prepare cafe” makerspace-style setting to build a coffee maker and to BIWO —Brew It With Others: coffee, tea, or mate, under the concept of critical making: making things that make sense.
Hands On

We will host a hands-on Makerspace workshops across the conference days to explore the commonalities between coffee-making and hacking, and agency. We will display the CCCafe sessions on the CCChalk board at the Makerspace.

  • Brews That Make Sense: We’ll kick off the cafe with a coffee-maker-making session. Forget coffee snobberism. We'll build the DIY Caffeinator, a basic coffee extractor made with household items. You will envision a cup of slow-drip cold brew coffee.
  • Share How You Brew: What is your ideal cup of coffee? Let’s modify the Caffeinator to measure the resulting brews by using simple digital sensors to build the “Internet of care” through sensors and gadgets to document your recipes coffee into a recipe book. CCcafe participants are invited to BYOD: Bring/Brew Your Own Device (open source preferred).
  • Making Critique and Care: Oh no! The coffee machine broke! How can we make our guests feel welcome? In this session, we will use the Critical Making Game, which debuted at the Makerspace at re:publica 2023. Starting with a broken coffee machine, this game will help us spark conversations to explore grassroots maker stories from around the world.
Project Manager The Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP)