"Prompting for Pullovers" - Experimental DIY upcycling Workshop with GenAI

Fabian Mrongowius

Enough of acid wash and rice-bag wallets? The "Prompting for Pullovers" workshop is all about using GenAI for creative upcycling. Learn new ways to transform your old clothes and about various tools to enhance creativity. It's a fun blend of AI-powered design, visual art, and crafting
Hands On

Join Fabian in "Prompting for Pullovers", an experimental workshop where we mix upcycling, fun, and a dash of GenAI magic. If you've got a thing for fashion and tech or just like creating, this is your playground. Find out the forgotten spiritual essence of an old rag - and relight it's beauty with a few freshly printed patterns.

Here's what we'll do:

  1. Bring your own clothes or your latest street find – that old shirt or pullover you never wear? Perfect!
  2. Funky meditation round: Become one with the piece - we and the maschine dream what they're missing.
  3. I'll share some easy upcycling tricks and how GenAI tools can make them even cooler.
  4. Once we've got some rad ideas, we'll start making them real. We can draw, print, sew – you name it.

Don't worry, I've got the gear: a sewing machine, a fabric printer, some upcycling stuff, and colors. Plus, I'll bring some examples and old rags to get those creative juices flowing.

About me: I'm a creative producer all about immersive media and GenAI, but at night I turn into a DIY Tailor and transform some of those lonely Berlin street clothes into something new.

The main idea? Let's have a blast! We'll learn about GenAI tool, breathe new life into old clothes, and stop them from ending up in the trash. So come hang out, learn something new, and let's turn that forgotten piece in your closet into a fashion statement.