Permacomputing - technologies for resilience and repair

Alistair Alexander, Brendan Howell

Permacomputing is both a concept and a community of practice inspired by permaculture to explore resilience and regenerativity in computer and network technology.
In this workshop we’ll explore the core permacomputing concepts slower, more careful computing, care for life, care for the chips.

Hands On

In a time where computing epitomises industrial waste and exploitation, permacomputing encourages a more sustainable approach, maximising hardware lifespans, minimising energy use and focussing on the use of already available computational resources.

In this workshop through discussion and exercises, we’ll consider the key permacomputing concepts:

  • Care for life
  • Care for the chips
  • Keep it small
  • Hope for the best, prepare for the worst
  • Keep it flexible
  • Build on solid ground
  • Amplify awareness
  • Expose everything
  • Respond to changes
  • Everything has a place.

We’ll look at practical ways we can introduce the concepts of perma-computing into our everyday life and practice, with components and projects from the perma-computing community.

We’ll also use reclaimed hardware to explore ways we can build networks that help us renegotiate our relationship between technology and organic networks for inter-species connection and care.