Linn Friedrichs

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I design inclusive programs for diverse learners and a future of crisis and innovation, most recently in senior leadership and teaching roles at New York University (NYU) in Berlin and Mahindra United World College (UWC) in India. In my free time, I enjoy coaching teams at 10-in-10's Gigatonne Challenge.

My expertise includes: innovative program design for learners between 15 and 23 from 80+ countries; professional development for international faculty; 10+ years of strategic institutional development in globally networked organizations; context-sensitive, diversity and inclusion-centered leadership; and interdisciplinary research, teaching, and coaching in the field of global education.

My PhD research focused on global curriculum development in higher education. My work currently explores the interconnections of inclusive pedagogy, complexity resilience, digital literacy, and the future of work and education.


Wie kann uns die Hochschule für die digitale Gesellschaft gelingen?

Linn Friedrichs, Doris Weßels, Frank Ziegele, Oliver Janoschka

Mit der Covid-19 Pandemie und sprunghaften KI-Entwicklungen schauen wir auf zwei Disruptionsmomente der letzten Jahre und diskutieren, was der Innovationsfähigkeit unserer Bildungsinstitutionen im Weg steht und wie wir die Weichen für eine Zukunftshochschule stellen, die Lehre und Forschung für die nachhaltige, digitale Gesellschaft priorisiert.
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