Naomi Appelman

A picture of Naomi Appelman, brown hair, tan skin, looking over her shoulder outside in a black winter coat.
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Ariela Slakhorst

Naomi Appelman is an interdisciplinary and socially engaged researcher, interested in how technology can reflect, obfuscate, or amplify social inequalities, aiming to use the law, advocacy and action to dismantle systems of oppression. She is the co-founder of the Racism and Technology Center, using technology as a lens to expose and fight racism and other forms of discrimination. She is also pursuing her PhD in law and political philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, looking at online resistance and the contestability of algorithmic speech governance.


From discrimination to disinformation: What it means to investigate AI harms of today

Pia Sombetzki, Likhita Banerji, Naomi Appelman

Civil society actors and journalists have been instrumental in uncovering many of the current-day harms of AI, from biased welfare algorithms to disinformation spread through generative AI. Let's take a moment to take stock as well as explore the difficulties that come along the way.
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