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Antonella Napolitano is an independent researcher and tech policy analyst, with a focus on the impact of technology on society and human rights, particularly on migration, welfare and reproductive rights. Currently, she works with public interest journalism newsrooms and human rights organizations in Europe. She recently authored the report “Artificial intelligence: the new frontier of the EU’s border externalisation strategy” for human rights NGO EuromedRights.

Previously, Antonella was Senior Policy Officer and Network Coordinator at Privacy International, where she developed a workstream on migration and surveillance technology, and led the engagement of the organization’s international network of partners. Before joining PI, she was Communications Manager at the Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights (CILD), where she also coordinated the "Civil Liberties in the Digital Age" Programme.

From 2010 to 2015, she was Europe editor of TechPresident, covering civic technology and political participation in Europe. She has also served as project manager of Diritto Di Sapere, an Italian organization working on access to government information, and has been a consultant for businesses, governments and political parties. She has published three books on social networks, work, and political communication.

Antonella holds a M.A. in Communication and Media Studies at the University of Bologna (Italy). In 2005 she was a Research Fellow at Vassar College (USA).


Against Automated Fortress Europe

Fabio Chiusi, Antonella Napolitano

The EU is building a technological fortress to protect its borders from migrants. This talk will argue that injecting “AI” into it will not “solve” the complex issues around migration — on the contrary, this will only further entrench the current dehumanizing and discriminatory status quo.
Civil Society
Stage 10
Forum Digitalpolitik