#rp24 speaker Gazelle Vollhase: About educational work on the internet

03.04.2024 - The content creator and comedy queen talks about digital change in educational work, user empowerment and community building.
Gazelle Vollhase
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Sophia Emmerich

Gazelle is the funniest woman on the internet at the moment. On TikTok and Instagram, she tells us what is "typically German" with humour and a good feel for people. She also talks about her transition as a trans woman, reports on her successes and challenges and makes it clear where we stand as a society in relation to trans* identities.

It goes without saying that she should definitely not be missing as a speaker at re:publica! On the #rp24 stage, Gazelle will speak as an expert on the digital transformation in education work and share her own experiences, including on topics such as user empowerment and community building.

Gazelle Vollhase is a content creator and comedy queen. She previously worked in human resources for ten years and has interviewed and hired many people in recruiting, from marketing managers and accountants to CEOs and software engineers. Based on this experience in the corporate context, she is a spokesperson for modern and inclusive recruiting and diversity in the workplace.

We are looking forward to Gazelles exciting inputs at #rp24. She has already answered a few questions in advance:

#WhoCares: An interview with Gazelle Vollhase.

The Motto of re:publica 24 is „Who Cares?“. Whom or what are you currently caring about?

My thoughts are mostly centred around the trans* community and my trans* siblings. Although I and a few others are increasingly moving into a very privileged and prominent position, we still have a lot to do here. The trans* community is still structurally disadvantaged by law compared to other people. We lack job offers, we struggle with mental health on average more than cis people and multidimensionally discriminated trans* people struggle the most for visibility and recognition. As long as the trans* community as a whole is not satisfied, I am not satisfied either.

What do we care about too little as a society?

Solidarity. Online and offline, I experience everything from hatred to absolute silence, which perpetuates structural inequalities. As long as we don't understand that encouragement and solidarity make us happier than scepticism and exclusion, we can't be helped.

Is there a person, movement or institution that inspires you in their care for a particular issue? Or maybe a book, article or podcast that inspired you recently?
                                                                                                                                 The TikToker @Veondre recently released a song with explicit lyrics together with Aliyah's Interlude, which has gone viral worldwide. In it, she empowers all members of the trans* community and demands unconditional recognition for us and our diversity with a lot of humour.

What would you like to talk about at re:publica and/or what are you currently researching/working on?

The title of my keynote is "Digital change in educational work, empowerment of users & community building" and I would like to talk about the developments I have noticed in my work as a content creator – not only in relation to the business of my educational work, but also to the changes within my personal community.