Elinor Carmi

Senior Lecturer in Data Politics and Social Justice
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Elinor Carmi

Dr. Elinor Carmi is a Senior Lecturer in Data Justice and Social Justice at the Sociology & Criminology Department at City University, London, UK. Dr. Carmi is a digital rights advocate, feminist, researcher and journalist who has been working on data politics, data literacies, feminist data, data justice and internet governance. Elinor's work contributes to emerging debates in academia, policy, health organizations and digital activism. In February 2020, she was invited to give evidence on Digital Literacy for the House of Lords Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies. Her insights were included in the final report: “Digital Technology and the Resurrection of Trust”. In July 2020, she was invited by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an expert on data literacy and disinformation to the first scientific discussion on infodemiology. Her insights were included in the WHO’s report “Public health research agenda for managing infodemics”. Dr. Carmi has been invited to be an expert advisor for several digital rights NGOs such as: Amnesty International Tech, UNESCO, Demos, Digital Poverty Alliance, and the Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman (Forbrukerrådet).


'You've gotta fight for your rights!' But how?: How can citizens resist, negotiate and mobilize in the datafied society?

Elinor Carmi

Moving beyond seeing citizens as passive people who need protection, this talk is about a project that explores what can citizens do to resist, object, and mobilize in a datafied society with assymetric power structures.
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