Arikia Millikan

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Arikia Millikan is a Haitian-American journalist and information architect. She is the founder of CTRL+X, a Berlin-based editorial strategy agency that works with early-stage tech companies and independent publishers exploring new online media platforms. Previously she lived in New York City where she  was an editor at WIRED and worked for other science and technology magazines such as Psychology Today, Vice, and Popular Science. She founded the feminist literary collective LadyBits in 2013 and the science blogging collective Scientopia in 2009. She has consulted for a wide range of clients in cybersecurity, biotech, femtech, wellness apps, and digital rights, and was Nate Silver's research assistant during production of the #1 best-selling book, The Signal and the Noise. In her spare time she writes sci-fi and trains parrots.


Platform collapse! Nazis on Substack and why content moderation matters at the front lines of digital publishing

Arikia Millikan

As legacy publications hemorrhage revenue, tech platforms like Substack and Medium have swooped in to capture loose journalistic talent. But what happens when Nazis begin publishing on the same platforms as award-winning journalists? A new model of digital publishing is emerging from the exodus!
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