Stella Assange

Human Rights Lawyer
Stella Assange
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Stella Assange is a human rights lawyer who was born in South Africa. In March 2022 she married Julian Assange with whom she has two children, born 2017 and 2019. She joined Assange’s legal team in 2011. During the latter stages of Assange’s political asylum in the Ecuadorean embassy, Julian Assange, Stella, their infant child and WikiLeaks lawyers were targeted by illegal surveillance. The embassy has been described as ‘the most surveilled embassy in the world’ and a ‘type of prison’. Since his arrest in April 2019 Julian Assange has been kept under administrative detention in the UK’s harshest, most surveilled prison, Belmarsh prison, also known as Britain’s Guantanamo Bay. Although not convicted of a a crime. Assange remains imprisoned after four years, indefinitely, while the United States seeks his extradition to face a 175 year prison sentence. He is accused of receiving and publishing documents from Chelsea Manning which documented war crimes, extrajudicial killings and civilian casualties during the US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.


Genug ist Genug. Freiheit für Julian Assange!

Stella Assange, Andy Müller-Maguhn, Michael Sontheimer

Julian Assange sitzt seit über vier Jahren in einem Londoner Hochsicherheitsgefängnis. Nachdem er 2010 mit WikiLeaks Kriegsverbrechen der U.S. Army enthüllt hat, wollen die US-Regierung und ihre Geheimdienste ihn wegen Spionage verurteilen lassen. Ein Präzedenzfall im Kampf um die Medienfreiheit.
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